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Helping Veterans Regain Their Emotions Through Acting
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Teaching Veterans the Mental Health Benefits of Acting

Serving in the military can take an emotional toll on many of our brave men and women, particularly those who were injured. Act Up supports veterans in reconnecting with emotions they may have lost during service by teaching methods of acting. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, our main focus is to have as many veterans as possible complete this highly beneficial training.

Our mission is to train veterans using acting techniques to help them redevelop emotions oppressed by combat or military service.


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The acting techniques taught to retired military personnel help enhance their listening skills and better respond and react to situations. More importantly, the emotional recallability is vital in allowing veterans to truthfully express themselves in a safe environment. In order to fulfill this worthy mission, we seek donations and volunteers to aid our nonprofit organization in improving the lives of veterans.

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Brandon Pelletier, founder of our nonprofit organization for veterans, was injured in 2007 while proudly serving as a Marine. He later started taking acting classes and found out how important the lessons were in bringing back true emotions he thought were lost. This was key in his decision to start forming Act Up in 2015. Brandon felt that if it worked for him, it could work for others.


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